Pet Peeve: In-disc DLC

Bioshock 2 Disc - Indisc DLC
Sorry gamer, but your content is in another castle. Pay $5 to unlock.

Nothing irks me more than video game developers and publishers who nickle and dime their fans. Sure, downloadable content (DLC for short) can be beneficial in extending the life of a game, but when developers purposely lock away content in a disc, which can only be accessed by paying more, it is doing their consumer a huge injustice.

A good example is the multiplayer pack for BioShock 2 titled “The Sinclair Solutions Test Pack” that was hidden away from gamers in the full retail copy of the game. The multiplayer pack included a rank increase to level 50, the playable characters that were available as pre-order bonuses, 20 new trials, a third upgrade for each weapon, and five new masks. To unlock this content (already in the pressed disc), BioShock 2 fans had to shell out an extra $5 dollars.

Resident Evil 5 InDisc DLC Versus Mode
Want to play Versus mode in RE5? Pay up son.

Capcom is also guilty of sticking to to the fans with their Versus multiplayer mode for Resident Evil 5; a mode that was also already in the retail copy of the game hidden away behind lock and key. To access it, you had to pay more.

How would you like it if you bought a chair — it came with four legs so it works — but the back cushion of the seat was hidden away behind key and lock. To be able to use the back cushion, you could unlock it by connecting the chair to the internet and paying an extra $20 to the furniture manufacturer.

So developers, if it is something you would have added to the game anyway, don’t hold back. Give us the full game at retail, then in a few months when you are done developing cool new add-on content, sell the goods video DLC. You’ll promote good will with your fans and you make you money your money in the end.

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