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Super Mario Doodled Guitar

Phantom Chao started doodling on this guitar, but it seems she stopped halfway. It is a shame because it looks like it would be something any of us video game nerds would love. Make it happen! Apple Mac Mini MC815LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)

Paper Goomba from Nintendo 64

Sebastian Zych designed this gorgeous papercraft Goomba from Nintendo 64 and shared the model from all to download and have fun with at the Cut Score Fold and Glue web site. We haven’t tried it ourselves yet (we will!), but you should give it a go and send us pictures to see how handy you […]

I Wish I Had An 8bit Wood

I wish I had an 8bit wood — I really do. You would too if you saw what the guy at 8bit wood does with lumber. It is a simple idea really, he cuts wood into tiny perfectly square pixels, glues them together to represent characters in his favorite video games and then finally seals […]

iPhone Legend of Zelda Decal

Good news Apple and Zelda fanboys! Laptopstickershop over at Etsy has created an iPhone vinyl sticker decal of the Hyrule Royal Crest with some slight modification to make your fanboy heart melt: The trifroce in the Hyrule Royal Crest is replaced by the Apple logo.

Video Game Art at LED Wall

I’m in love with the LED wall concept created by Kenny. The basic idea is they provide a grid of pixels and anyone on the web can color it in. The artwork is then transferred to a live LED wall that displays the artwork. So what does this have to do with games? If you […]

Animal Crossing Earthbound

Ever wonder what an Earthbound Animal Crossing would look like? Eyes5 from deviantArt has and put together this interesting fan art mash-up on her deviantArt page.

Batman Vs Donkey Kong

Leave it to video game fans to imagine the wildest of cross overs: How about Batman Vs Donkey Kong? Major props to deankotz for this all too realistic comic book cover.

Metroid Prime Virtual Boy

You are not really looking at some lost Virtual Boy version of Metroid Prime, but you are looking at Pixel Joint’s recent challenge to its members to re-envision something in Virtual Boy’s red and black look. The web site wanted to celebrate Virtual Boy’s recent 15th year anniversary in Japan the best way the know […]

Super Mario Bros Sidewalk Animation

The world was recently abuzz about Andreas Heikaus’ video featuring a complete played-through of the original Super Mario Bros game on a sidewalk in a street on Hannover. The end result is something that can only be described as mind-blowing and people all over the net were wondering how did Andreas do it. Well, Andreas […]

Atari Joysticks Limited Edition Print

Joseph from Monster Gallery has illustrated this gorgeous limited-edition artwork of two Atari joysticks. The only downside is that the artwork is only 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″. Fortunately for us the artist has priced it right at $4.20. Found at Etsy.