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Microsoft Disappoints at E3 2010

I was perhaps the only one of the staff that was genuinely excited about Project Natal, now named Kinect, and the Microsoft press conference in general. I thought Microsoft would not make the same “mistakes” as Nintendo when it came to representing the “hardcore” audience. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with Nintendo’s recent approach […]

Pet Peeve: In-disc DLC

Sorry gamer, but your content is in another castle. Pay $5 to unlock. Nothing irks me more than video game developers and publishers who nickle and dime their fans. Sure, downloadable content (DLC for short) can be beneficial in extending the life of a game, but when developers purposely lock away content in a disc, […]

How to Screw Up a Sonic Game

Though Sega seems to be doing a great job running the Sonic franchise into the ground all on their own, we give them a handy list of things as a reference for their upcoming Sonic 4 game. 1. Add Spikes Everywhere Getting hit by hidden spikes is so much fun! The one thing people enjoy […]

Final Fantasy 13 Quick Thoughts

It’s been a couple of weeks since I first got immersed into the world of Final Fantasy XIII for my Xbox 360 and it’s time for me to give you my 2 cents (I’m not exactly done with the game, but I’m pretty close.). Let’s start out with what I think caught my attention the […]