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Street Fighter IV Arcade Controller Cake

Any Street Fighter IV fan would love to have this as their birthday cake. Love & Sugar, creator of some of the most visually astonishing cakes we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a lot of video game cakes before), created this life-like Street Fighter IV special edition arcade fightstick cake out of fondant. We think you’d […]

Portal Companion Cube Cake

Mandrake68, a cake decorator, put his skills to the test with this gorgeous Portal Companion Cube cake covered in fondant. Nice job! Check out more of his awesome work at his Flickr feed.

Animated Halo Cake

Have you had a chance from your busy schedule to view willturnbow’s animated Halo cake based on Coagulation and a Valhalla? No? Then make time fool. Video Below:

Gaming Logo Cupcakes

Seeing all of these cupcakes with new and retro logos brought a tear to my eye. Cupcakes by Star Bakery in Nottingham, UK.

Iceblox: Tetris Ice Cube Trays

Our favorite past time is now frozen in time thanks to designer Martin Zampach. The Icebox is an ice cube tray that turn everyday water into ice Tetris pieces. The 100% food-grade silicone goes for about 6.90 EUR at the designer’s web site and it’s worth every penny — specially for those of us who […]

Mario’s Boo Bento

Though My Meal Box posted their Boo Bento during Halloween of last year, a good video game themed Bento transcends time and space. I just wonder if it tastes as good as it looks. See how the artist (we could call them that right?) goes from taking everyday food items into a beautiful game scene […]

Starman Cookies

We are not cookie fans by any means, but for some reason Ana Fuji made us salivate at this dish filled with adorable starman cookies. WA-HOO!!

100 Game Cupcakes: How Many Can You Guess?

Robin Dahlberg rings in every new year in gaming style. For her 2010 game party she baked and designed 100 different cupcakes based on both board games and video games. She then threw pictures of each of them up on her web site in a fun pop-quiz. How many can you identify (we got 68)? […]

Xbox 360 Controller Cupcake

Clever Cupcakes bestows our geeky hearts with a small, yet surprisingly detailed, Xbox 360 controller cupcake topping made out of fondant. We got a knack for the sweet and edible, so we hope that this vanilla-flavored cupcake, frosted with vanilla buttercream, tastes as good as it looks.

Bentoshock – Big Daddy Made out of Food

Anna The Red always amazes us at Loaded Pants. We’ve always been impressed by her work ever since we started reading her site. Of all her wonderful work, one of the pieces that immediately made us gasp was her Big Daddy and Little Sister bento. Out of fried potato, a hard boiled egg, rice, gobo, […]