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Nintendo Wii Controller Candy Dispenser

This miniature version of the Nintendo Wii Controller dispenses generic candy roll candy. These are very hard to come by at places other than your local Party City, so if you have one around you should give it a try. Otherwise you can turn to your trusty Amazon to buy a set of 12. Check […]

Mortal Kombat Cake

Before you pull someone’s spine out at your birthday party, how about your settle your rage by eating some Mortal Kombat!!!!!!!!!!! cake instead? designbybyn has produced a lovely butter cream cake with a clever use of a gradient behind the Mortal Kombat!!!!!!!!!!!! dragon just like the logo. The 3D effect on the dragon is nice […]

Monkey Ball Chiquita Bananas

Browsing the produce isle at my local supermarket I came along a bunch of Chiquita Bananas with Monkey Ball for Wii stickers on them. Have you stumbled upon these? It was a neat surprised for me.

Katamari Damacy Wedding Cake

You know you are a real gamer when your wedding cake is inspired by Katamari Damacy. offwithyourtv has some great shots on her Flickr page of the lemon-flavored strawberry filled beauty.

Beautilicious Pac-Man Cupcakes

Flickr user Hello Naomi is both a computer engineer and cupcake master. She baked these vanilla-flavored cupcakes and decorated them with a Pac-Man theme as a break from her typical repertoire of cupcake designs. Needless to say, they are awesome. See the Hello Naomi’s web site for other past creations including a crazy space invaders […]