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Mortal Kombat 5 Trilogy for the NES

If you got a knack for the darker side of gaming, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something more rare or butt-crazy than Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the NES. This game is based on a hacked ROM created by Hosekn of USA Co, Ltd that looks and plays like you expect a game of this nature […]

Paper Goomba from Nintendo 64

Sebastian Zych designed this gorgeous papercraft Goomba from Nintendo 64 and shared the model from all to download and have fun with at the Cut Score Fold and Glue web site. We haven’t tried it ourselves yet (we will!), but you should give it a go and send us pictures to see how handy you […]

NES Styled 8Bit Left 4 Dead

How you would like blasting 8-bit zombies in the face? You’d like that very much wouldn’t you Mr. Crazed Lunatic. And thanks to Eric Ruth Games you can. Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is a retro-fied version of Left 4 Dead made to play like a good-ol NES game. From the glitchy NES graphics to […]

2010 EVO Tournament Custom Fighting Game Sticks

If you are a true fighting game fan you were at this year’s EVO competition in Las Vegas. If you were a true HARDCORE fighting game fan, you played at the competition with a custom-designed fighting game stick. Our very own Daniel Lopez was a witness first-hand to the plethora of these deliciously-designed fighting game […]

Halo 2600

When playing Halo on an Xbox 360 just isn’t enough, you can now turn to the 2600. The company Code Mystics has created a fun little distraction called Halo 2600 that mimics the look and feel of an Atari 2600 game based in the Halo universe. You control Master Chief as he makes his way […]

Street Fighter II Wedding Invitation

If you find a girl that is OK with a wedding invitation based on the Street Fighter II fighter select screen you know you have a winner. We don’t know much about the couple other than their names: Joel and Fio. Regardless a large congratulations is at hand. May gaming be a part of their […]

Street Fighter Salsa Dance Competition

It is not enough to see Koreans adding spice to their lives with a little Salsa competition, but this couple takes it to another level when they combine Salsa dancing and good-ol’ Street Fighter cosplay. Living in Miami we’ve seen our share of incredible salsa dancers, but we’ve never seen anyone perform in a Ryu […]

Batman Vs Donkey Kong

Leave it to video game fans to imagine the wildest of cross overs: How about Batman Vs Donkey Kong? Major props to deankotz for this all too realistic comic book cover.


Patrick, Phil and Stacey has painstakingly put together a visual encyclopedia of all the video game consoles ever released. We were in awe to find out that there has been nearly 150 video game consoles released over the course of the industry’s infant life. The end result is this almost surreal. See more at Consollection. […]

8Bit Metallica Tunes

I love this current trend of taking really iconic songs like Metallica’s Master of Puppets and giving it an 8bit remix.