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Super Mario Bros Bookshelf

Now here is a bookshelf that will have Mario jumping. Dennis and his girlfriend Judith built this custom Super Mario Bros inspired bookshelf for their apartment. Can you say DYI bad asses? Naturally the shelves are made entirely out of wood, while the warp pipe was built from a garbage can and some clever use […]

I Wish I Had An 8bit Wood

I wish I had an 8bit wood — I really do. You would too if you saw what the guy at 8bit wood does with lumber. It is a simple idea really, he cuts wood into tiny perfectly square pixels, glues them together to represent characters in his favorite video games and then finally seals […]

Atari Joysticks Limited Edition Print

Joseph from Monster Gallery has illustrated this gorgeous limited-edition artwork of two Atari joysticks. The only downside is that the artwork is only 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″. Fortunately for us the artist has priced it right at $4.20. Found at Etsy.

Super Mario Bros Wall Stickers and Decals

Supernice has a surprisingly complete set of the original Super Mario Bros wall stickers and decals that are reusable and removable. For £65 you get a package that includes: Mario, Super Mario, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, clouds, coins, pipes, 1-Up Mushrooms, Super Mushroom, etc. Get more details at Supernice.

Supersized NES Controller Coffee Table

I admit, this is old news. However, every time I mention the famous Gigantic NES Controller Coffee Table everyone seems to draw a blank in disbelief. I then have to boot up Firefox and Google the darn thing. So here it is for everyone to see, if you haven’t already, the Super-sized NES Controller Coffee […]

PSP Pillow

You will be hard pressed to find someone who thinks the PSP is the greatest handheld system ever made, however the hardware from Sony has its share of fans. One of those fans is norsuneiti. She went out of her way to hand craft a delightful pillow that looks exactly like a PSP system, only […]

BIT.TRIP CommanderVideo Wall Decal

LTL Prints is serving up wall decals and graphics of the indie game sensation BIT.TRIP. Our favorite is naturally CommanderVideo Running. We are not entirely sure what LTL Prints means when they say “LTL Premium Wall Graphics combine space-age new materials with state-of-the-art digital production technologies”, but we are guessing they mean their prints are […]

8bit Hanger

Although an 8bit finger hanger will be a more wonderful memory to a PC gamer than a console game, anyone can appreciate an 8bit throwback.

Playstation 3 Dualshock Controller Table

After purchasing a Playstation 3, Stephane Perruchon, a long time fan of the Sony Playstation controllers, wondered what a coffee table that made use of two gigantic Playstation 3 Dual Shock controllers would look like. His vision turned to this product render of the Playstation 3 Dualshock Controller table. Though the table is only in […]

Atari Controllers Used as Coat Hangers

My days with an Atari were brief thanks in part to the the day my pubescent hands held a Nintendo controller. Regardless, I was stoked when I saw this set of Atari controllers being used as coat hangers. The product was created by Felipe Morales in 2005 as part of an eco-project. Though you can […]