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Nintendo DSi XL and DSi Price Drop on Sept. 12th

Nintendo today announced that the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL will both be getting a price drop on September 12th. The Nintendo DSi’s suggested retail price will be $149.99 and the Nintendo DSi XL will be priced at $169.99. This means you will get to save some pennies so you can also get Golden […]

Street Fighter X Tekken Announced!

Capcom just dropped a huge bomb on everyone at the San Diego Comic-Con. They announced Street Fighter X Tekken developed by Capcom and Tekken X Street Fighter developed by Namco. Both to be launched for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3! Check out Capcom-Unity’s blog for more info and pictures! Capcom-Unity Website Blog


Patrick, Phil and Stacey has painstakingly put together a visual encyclopedia of all the video game consoles ever released. We were in awe to find out that there has been nearly 150 video game consoles released over the course of the industry’s infant life. The end result is this almost surreal. See more at Consollection. […]

Wii Games Summer 2010

Remember those old Nintendo World Championships from back in the days? When we used to compete against some of the best players in the country at Super Mario Kart, NBA Jam, and even Tetris? Well, it seems Nintendo hasn’t forgotten either and have recently announced the Wii Games Summer 2010 Tour. This time you will […]

Nintendo 3DS Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

Gamespot of Japan has just recently put up the new trailer of Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS that was unveiled at E3 2010! Check it out above on Youtube or at the Direct link here: Gamespot Japan

The Legend of Zelda 3D First Screenshots

We are as shocked as you are to see these, but Nintendo has released official screen shots of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo 3Ds. No details are known at this time about the game. UPDATE: The game will be a remake of Ocarina of Time. Whoa.

Animal Crossing 3D for the Nintendo 3Ds Screenshots

First screens from the Nintendo 3Ds version of Animal Crossing.

Pilotwings Resorts 3D Screens for the Nintendo 3Ds

We continue to bring you the first images of games for the Nintendo 3Ds.

Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

Capcom is on a roll on the Nintendo 3DS. Now they have their mega hit Resident Evil Revelations also on the way for the Nintendo 3DS! Good job Capcom!

Super Street Fighter IV 3D First Screenshots

We got our filthy hands on the first screens of Super Street Fighter IV. The graphics look as good as the console counter part. Here is hoping that it plays just as well. For now enjoy the pics.