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Super Mario Mushroom and Star Power Cell Phone Charm Duo

If you have a cell phone you are dying to accessorize, the Mushroom/Star cellphone charm can help you do just that. The mushroom and star are hand-crafted with polymer clay and glazed with clear gloss to give it that authentic shine. Found at Etsy.

Bead Video Game Sprites

Video game sprites made out of beads are a strange concept, but if you think about it, they are a perfect combination: Each bead represents one pixel. Fogie Perler realized this and made a ton of sweet 8bit and 16bit video game sprites out of all sorts of colorful beads. He explains the process briefly […]

Earthbound Starman Jr Plush Toy

Earthbound (Mother) fans get ready to soil your pants. Etsy user obesolete has created a certifiably cool Starman Jr plushie. At just over 12 inches tall, the plush toy is made from a soft metallic vinyl stuffed with poly fiberfill. The seller also swears that the black details won’t rub off, so don’t you worry […]

Mortal Kombat Blood and Thunder Comic

Very few people know that there is a plethora of video game-based comic books in the wild. Most can be had for great prices. So, I recently decided to actively add to my puny collection of comic books based on video games to display by love for both hobbies. My next target is the Mortal […]

Iceblox: Tetris Ice Cube Trays

Our favorite past time is now frozen in time thanks to designer Martin Zampach. The Icebox is an ice cube tray that turn everyday water into ice Tetris pieces. The 100% food-grade silicone goes for about 6.90 EUR at the designer’s web site and it’s worth every penny — specially for those of us who […]

Nakamura’s W-Station

The other day I ran into this amazing storage shelf for the Nintendo Wii on some random blog and had to immediately bookmark it. The W-Station has space for all your Nintendo Wii accessories including the Wii Balance Board and Wii Wheel. It even has easily accessible compartments on the back side of the shelf […]

Grill-Off with Ultra Hand!

I recently received an email from Nintendo about their Club Nintendo service and how there were new club rewards available. Of course since i had nothing better to do I had to check it out. There were some amazing Mario posters (which I instantly ordered!) and a new Game and Watch Collection 2 for the […]

Duck Tales 8Bit NES Sprite Magnets

Magnetize your love for the NES game Duck Tales, with these custom 8bit sprite magnets done by Erin Shukait. They are plenty large to boot: Scrooge measures 4 by 5.5 inches and the chest measures 3 inches square. Found at Etsy.

Pac-Man Ghosts Key Covers

One of the great things about the game industry, is that if you can dream of some cool video game schwag, someone out there has too — and actually created it. Enter the Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers available at Sprapya World. There colors are represented: Pink, Orange and Blue in these adorable rubber key cover […]