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2010 EVO Tournament Custom Fighting Game Sticks

If you are a true fighting game fan you were at this year’s EVO competition in Las Vegas. If you were a true HARDCORE fighting game fan, you played at the competition with a custom-designed fighting game stick. Our very own Daniel Lopez was a witness first-hand to the plethora of these deliciously-designed fighting game […]

Animal Crossing Pitfall and Fossil Plushies

YaYaLuvsCupcakes is one hell-of-a-mom; she recently designed and created these pitfall and fossil plushies for her son who happens to be an Animal Crossing freaky-freak. Tom Nook approves. Found at Albotas

Play Real-Life Analog Tetris

All of your Tetris wet dreams have come true. CODECO has taken digital cocaine and transformed it to analog cocaine. It is best to see it action below, but if you dig the Analog Tetris project, check out the rest of their stuff at

Earthbound Starman Jr Plush Toy

Earthbound (Mother) fans get ready to soil your pants. Etsy user obesolete has created a certifiably cool Starman Jr plushie. At just over 12 inches tall, the plush toy is made from a soft metallic vinyl stuffed with poly fiberfill. The seller also swears that the black details won’t rub off, so don’t you worry […]

Custom Battletoads Action Figures

G Brand from Figure Realm took different WWE action figures as a base then sculpted the rest to arrive at this incredibly detailed set of Battletoads action figures Zits – made from a WWE Kylun action figure. Rash – made from WWE upper body and arms. Legs are from an old New Adventures of He-man […]

Lego Pokemon

Brickshelf Gallery is a gold mine of incredible Lego work. I was a couple of searches in at the site before I ran into a slick gallery of Lego Pokemon — it was as if someone handed me a attractively wrapped gift. All of the Lego Pokemon are in modeled in 3D with a lot […]

It’s A Me, Mario Mouse!

Ever wonder what Mickey Mouse did when he heard Mario was more popular than him? He donned Mario clothes and called it a day. That’s not the real story, but that’s the thought we had when we first saw Akashi, a sculpture by Dave Bondi where he dreamed up what would happen if these two […]

Professor Layton Figurine

That inquisitive Professor Layton from the popular Professor Layton game series now has a gorgeous 4.92in figurine. The figurine can be placed in a variety of poses, including his trademark “I’m solving a puzzle fools” look, thanks to the 12 revolver joints included. It is the least you could expect from manufacturer Kaiyodo. Get yours […]

Nintendo Wii Controller Candy Dispenser

This miniature version of the Nintendo Wii Controller dispenses generic candy roll candy. These are very hard to come by at places other than your local Party City, so if you have one around you should give it a try. Otherwise you can turn to your trusty Amazon to buy a set of 12. Check […]

Megaman Made Out of Legos

What do you get when you put Megaman and Legos together? A bucketful of awesome that’s what. The creator, Spawn-of-Jack, basically uses a 2D sprite as his base, then tries to match it the best he can as he goes along. He also recommends you buy the pieces from the online Lego store to avoid […]