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A Nostalgic Feeling

Today was a gorgeous cool day in Miami. There was nay a cloud in the sky and the day had a nectarous smell to it. Interestingly, almost instantly as I got in my car on the drive to my office, the aroma triggered a response from the depth of my assiduous brain where my child […]

Fluidity and Kirby’s Epic Yarn Trailers

Nintendo recently released a couple of new trailers. The first is for Fluidity, a Nintendo Wii Ware title. The game has you playing as flowing water going through different levels and puzzles. In the trailer you can see that you often change into all 3 different forms of water: ice, cloud, and liquid to get […]

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

I recently watched Universal Picture’s Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and only one word comes to mind, EPIC! The movie is based off of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book series where Scott Pilgrim is going after the love of his life, Ramona Flowers. Little does he know he has to fight her 7 evil exes […]


Patrick, Phil and Stacey has painstakingly put together a visual encyclopedia of all the video game consoles ever released. We were in awe to find out that there has been nearly 150 video game consoles released over the course of the industry’s infant life. The end result is this almost surreal. See more at Consollection. […]

Video Game Visual Quiz: How Many Video Games Can You Identify?

The Tron Legacy page, Arcade Aid, has a very cool visual quiz. Can you identify all 56 of the video game titles in the 8bit challenge? I couldn’t.

Final Fantasy XIII Midnight Launch

SquareEnix’s Final Fantasy XIII just launched today and I must say I was a bit shocked by the low turn out. At my local Gamestop in Miami there might have only been between 20 or 30 people who were waiting in line for Gamestop’s midnight launch. Is this a sign of the game’s quality? Lets […]

Most Expensive Video Games Budgets Ever

Digital Battle has an interesting article on their web site about the most expensive video games budgets ever. Most of the titles on there are not surprising, what I did find surprising is the omission of Final Fantasy XIII from the list. Surely Final Fantasy XIII’s budget must have eclipsed Final Fantasy XII’s. Follow the […]

iPod and iPhone NES Controller Dock

You like to pretend your iPod or iPhone is a real video game machine, but rest assured it is not. Maybe you can bring some legitimacy to your iPod or iPhone by using this custom-made NES Controller iPod Docking Station by Etsy maven GeekUnique. Thanks to Gianni for the tip.

Street Fighter IV for iPhone/iPod

If I were dead, I’d be turning in my grave. Source: IGN