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Super Mario Doodled Guitar

Phantom Chao started doodling on this guitar, but it seems she stopped halfway. It is a shame because it looks like it would be something any of us video game nerds would love. Make it happen! Apple Mac Mini MC815LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)

Game Over (Super Mario Bros Remix) Rap

I’m loving this rap by Levar Allen called Game Over (Super Mario Bros. Remix) featuring Super Mario Bros beats and massive Super Mario Bros references in the lyrics. Watch the video on YouTube or download the song completely free.

8bit Chipophone

I’m not going to pretend to know a thing about music, but it is easy to get excited after watching Linus Ã…kesson turn a two-bit organ into an 8bit chipophone. From Linus’ web site: The Chipophone is a homemade 8-bit synthesizer, especially suited for live chiptune playing. It has been built inside an old electronic […]

Owl City Covers Wave Race 64 Theme

Owl City is an American synthpop musical project by Adam Young. They’ve released two studio albums: Maybe I’m Dreaming and Ocean Eyes. Either way, they did a pretty cool cover of the Wave Race 64 Theme at a Denver Colorado show in October of 2009. We just love when bands do covers of obscure video […]

Custom Koopa Troopa Guitar

Reddit user SpatulaMaster has created what is likely to be the baddest guitar you’ll ever see — a Koopa Troopa electric guitar. Sure, anyone can do a Mario guitar, but we love it when people use the more obscure characters from a popular video game — it makes the video game geekery more genuine. Kudos […]

ZEE Solo Concert using 4 iPhones and a Nintendo DS

Bjoern Eichstaedt, the “E” in ZEE (Zaboura Eichstaedt Experience) performs a solo concert with 4 iPhones and 1 Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS application used, is of course, the very little understood Electroplankton. See more of ZEE here.

Final Fantasy 13 Original Soundtrack

It is time to celebrate the release of yet another Final Fantasy game. And there is no better way to do so than spend countless hours listening to some of the most amazing orchestrated soundtracks you’ll ever hear in the Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack. This soundtrack was composed by Masashi Hamauzu, the composer for […]

Video Games Live Miami Bound

It seems Video Games Live! is coming to Miami, Florida. Though the date has yet to be determined, it is nice to see it officially as one of the cities on the list (it was not on there previous to this year and I just got around to write about it anyway). I call out […]

Beatboxing Flute Playing Super Mario Bros Theme

If your soul fills with joy when you watch someone with RIDICULOUS talent, you ought to check out Greg Parillo beatboxing-flute-playing a series of Super Mario Bros Themes. Feeling soulful yet? View Video:

Lost Woods Theme Played with an Ocarina

Every time I hear a Zelda song, chills spring down my grown man’s body. This happened without fail when I watched this video in which Heather plays Saria’s Song (Lost Woods) from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Played on an STL Ocarina. See Heather play other Zelda songs in her YouTube feed.