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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Super Mario Galaxy Trailer #3

Just when we thought the week couldn’t get any better after that amazing Metroid: Other M trailer yesterday. Nintendo comes along and proves us all wrong by unleashing a brand new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer. This is definitely going to be one amazing summer for Nintendo Wii gamers!

Tetris Cuff Links

Nothing says you are a well dressed man like a good pair of cuff links. And nothing says you are a sharp good looking man like these custom-made Tetris Cuff Links. Found at Etsy.

Achievement Unlocked T-Shirt

Splitreason split our sides with this Achievement Unlocked: Left the House T-Shirt. Pre-shrunk and 100% cotton. Shirt Detail

Metroid Other M Gameplay Trailer 2

I, just like everyone in the world, have been waiting for any bit of news or information about Nintendo’s latest masterpiece, Metroid Other M for the Nintendo Wii. Today we got our wish! Check out the latest trailer straight from the guys at IGN: Metroid Other M Gameplay Trailer #2 June just can’t get here […]

Street Fighter: The Complete History Book

Author Chris Carle takes us through a complete history of the Street Fighter franchise in this 176 page book. Capcom shares original text and interviews with the series developers and animators along with more than 200 pieces of artwork. We hope to provide our own insight on the book as soon as we get our […]

Interview: Cosplay Javanne

Javanne is a fun-loving native of the Netherlands who models, acts, dances, sings, and of course cosplays. We ask her some questions about her involvement in cosplay and what it is like to be in the scene.

100 Game Cupcakes: How Many Can You Guess?

Robin Dahlberg rings in every new year in gaming style. For her 2010 game party she baked and designed 100 different cupcakes based on both board games and video games. She then threw pictures of each of them up on her web site in a fun pop-quiz. How many can you identify (we got 68)? […]

iPhone Gaining Steam

Found a pretty interesting article today on gaming site Seems like Apple’s iPhone is gaining some traction and it has already surpassed Sony’s PSP in software revenue. With Apple’s iPad launch coming soon I expect Nintendo and Sony will both be making announcements in regards to the successors of their current hand-held devices in […]

How to Screw Up a Sonic Game

Though Sega seems to be doing a great job running the Sonic franchise into the ground all on their own, we give them a handy list of things as a reference for their upcoming Sonic 4 game. 1. Add Spikes Everywhere Getting hit by hidden spikes is so much fun! The one thing people enjoy […]

It’s A Me, Mario Mouse!

Ever wonder what Mickey Mouse did when he heard Mario was more popular than him? He donned Mario clothes and called it a day. That’s not the real story, but that’s the thought we had when we first saw Akashi, a sculpture by Dave Bondi where he dreamed up what would happen if these two […]