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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Samus Aran Cosplay Costume Lights up

Holy smokes Samus. Though we’ve seen all sorts of incredible cosplay costumes, I don’t think anything can compare to this Samus Aran cosplay costume that lights up. Though we originally heard this via That Girl’s Site, we did a little more digging and found the cosplayer in question: ThaĆ­s Jussim Yuki LeFay from Brazil. Consider […]

Loaded Pants Podcast Episode 5: Delayed

EPISODE 5: Delayed We chat about the Playstation 3 3D support, firmware update, Capcom DRM woes, Monster Hunter Tri, SSFIV, and game delays. Then we get anxious to play SSFIV. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Feed Download: Episode 5

Super Street Fighter IV 8Bit Mega Man Sprites

In our effort to celebrate the release of Super Street Fighter IV, we searched web-wide for something cool for you to gawk over. We came up these incredible 8bit Mega Man style Super Street Fighter IV characters by SpeedBrkr. They are nothing short of astounding. He even has a neat-o 8bit Street Fighter character select […]

Updated: Super Street Fighter IV Editor Beatdown

We are broadcasting live our first Super Street Fighter IV Editor Beatdown tonight at around 11:30PM EST. Place your bets. Support your favorite (me right?). And just join in on the fun. Participating: Wrecktify, Daniel Lopez, and Hugo Seijas. To leave comments and participate, visit the show’s page on UStream. UPDATE: Due to an emergency, […]

Solar Powered Nintendo Wii

This weekend while checking out the Miami Goin’ Green Earth Festival I ran into this little gem. A Solar Powered Nintendo Wii from a company called My Solar Wind & Lighting, Inc. Their website seems to need a little polish but you can check them out here: Its always encouraging to see the little […]

Burning Brothers Tattoo

This is one sweet Mario and Luigi Tattoo based on yujikunschmidt’s Mario and Luigi’s Burning Brothers fan art.

Custom Super Nintendo With a Zelda Theme

Kotomi custom-makes lots of hardware. Most of his stuff is terrific, but as a Zelda fanatic, his custom Super Nintendo themed around a Link to the Past tugged at my heart strings. Take a look at the Master Sword detail on the eject button.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cloud Suit Trailer

Nintendo recently released a couple of new trailers for the upcoming mega-hit Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii on their official YouTube Channel that shows off Mario’s new cloud suit power up. From watching the video it seems you can create clouds while jumping in order to reach areas that are other wise […]

Xenoblade Trailer #3

This is the latest trailer for the RPG Xenoblade for the Nintendo Wii. Take notes SquareEnix! From what I can see, from the trailer, this game may just be more fun than Final Fantasy XIII!

Video Game Visual Quiz: How Many Video Games Can You Identify?

The Tron Legacy page, Arcade Aid, has a very cool visual quiz. Can you identify all 56 of the video game titles in the 8bit challenge? I couldn’t.