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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Animated Halo Cake

Have you had a chance from your busy schedule to view willturnbow’s animated Halo cake based on Coagulation and a Valhalla? No? Then make time fool. Video Below:

Loaded Pants Podcast Episode 4: Capcom Orgasm

EPISODE 4: Capcom Orgasm The crew gets overly excited about Capcom’s Captivate 2010 announcements: Marvel Vs Capcom 3, SSFIV Tournament DLC, Bionic Commando 2, and more. March NPD dissection, Bethesda’s Brink surprises us all, Hugo gets cranky (again) and wrecktify gets pissed. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Feed Download: Episode 4

Be a Mega Man Sneaker Pimp

If you have $115 chillaxin’, PrettySneaky can make you the proud owners of these custom Mega Man Converse Chuck Taylors. I have to say, I’ve seen all sorts of custom Converse, but this is the first time I’ve seen one sporting a hand knit wool Mega Man that was then hand stitched to the shoe. […]

rePlayed: NBA Jam Tournament Edition for the Super Nintendo

NBA Jam Tournament Edition is the sequel to the original NBA Jam. The game had an updated roster and many hidden characters — a staple of the NBA Jam franchise. Additionally, Tournament Edition included additional SuperJam power-ups, more detailed player attributes, player substitutions after each quarter, injuries and a new soundtrack. It was overall an […]

Owl City Covers Wave Race 64 Theme

Owl City is an American synthpop musical project by Adam Young. They’ve released two studio albums: Maybe I’m Dreaming and Ocean Eyes. Either way, they did a pretty cool cover of the Wave Race 64 Theme at a Denver Colorado show in October of 2009. We just love when bands do covers of obscure video […]

Handmade Mario Mushroom Earrings

Gaming girls (and guys if you are into that sorta thing) have nothing to complain about since we’ve been posting a lot of game-related fashion accessories lately. For example: these handmade pair of Super Mario Brothers Mushroom earrings. One a Super Mushroom. The other, the coveted 1-UP Mushroom. They are both made from polymer clay […]

Paper Megaman Stop Motion Video

Nicolas Ménard created this stop motion Megaman 9 video for his multimedia course. Nicolas craftfully integrates a paper Megaman in a level made up of real physical items. See the video at YouTube.

Money Power Woman T-Shirt

Words first made famous by Al Pacino in Scarface, then made true by Super Mario himself. This 100% cotton t-shirt can be had at SplitReason.

Real Life Paperboy

While scouring the interwebs, aka YouTube, I found this amazing and hilarious real life parody of the old Nintendo NES classic, Paperboy. Definitely makes me want to try out the game again after all these years…

Contra Vs Duck Hunt

Mayhem ensues in this Contra Vs Duck Hunt mashup by daneboe.