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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Loaded Pants Podcast Episode 7: You Guys Need EA Active

EPISODE 7: You Guys Need EA Active Wrectify goes on a rampage masterfully burning Hugo and Danny in the process. The crew also tackles the PSP2 rumors, Natal and Playstation Move pricing details, PSN Premium, Red Dead Redemption glitches and more. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Feed Download: Episode 7

Portal Companion Cube Cake

Mandrake68, a cake decorator, put his skills to the test with this gorgeous Portal Companion Cube cake covered in fondant. Nice job! Check out more of his awesome work at his Flickr feed.

Pet Peeve: In-disc DLC

Sorry gamer, but your content is in another castle. Pay $5 to unlock. Nothing irks me more than video game developers and publishers who nickle and dime their fans. Sure, downloadable content (DLC for short) can be beneficial in extending the life of a game, but when developers purposely lock away content in a disc, […]

What Pac-Man Ghosts Talk About While Waiting

College Humor kinda sucks, but their latest bit about what Pac-Man Ghosts talk about while waiting is hilarious. View the video here. Thanks okat for the tip.

8bit Music Video: Dot Matrix Revolution by the SUPERBROTHERS

The SUPERBROTHERS have created a series of music videos with animations similar to what you’d find on a Commodore 64. In an interview with 8bit today Craig D. Adam, the founder of SUPERBROTHERS, mentioned that originally his intent was not design in pixel art, but when he “began exploring several methods of image-making … it […]

Halo: Reach Launches September 14th

According to Gamespot Microsoft & Bungie have announced that Halo: Reach will be arriving on store shelves this September 14th worldwide. Except for Japan which will get it September 15th. After playing the multiplayer beta I can honestly say the sooner the better… Source: Gamespot

Bead Video Game Sprites

Video game sprites made out of beads are a strange concept, but if you think about it, they are a perfect combination: Each bead represents one pixel. Fogie Perler realized this and made a ton of sweet 8bit and 16bit video game sprites out of all sorts of colorful beads. He explains the process briefly […]

Beautiful Collection of 8bit and 16bit Bitmap Fonts

Ste Pickford made hand drawn video game fonts for a living during the 8bit and 16 bit era. And to give back to the community, he has made his collection of bitmap fonts available on his web site for any use you like. If you are an independent video game developer you’ll appreciate it. If […]

Super Mario Go – Graffiti Pixel Art on Canvas

Show some love to those lonely walls in your house by proudly displaying your love for the fat Italian plumber, Mario Mario, with this gorgeous one off pixel art painting by ArcadeArt. We are loving the artwork bleeding around the edges of the canvas and how vivid the colors are. Source: ArcadeArt’s Etsy Shop.

Cassini Spacecraft Sees Pac-Man on the Moon

According to the BBC, the Cassini spacecraft measured temperature differences across the Moon’s surface and produced a map that looks just like Pac-Man. You can read the full explanation from NASA on the NASA web site, but it was only a matter of time before Jesus made way for Pac-Man to become the hottest form […]