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Monthly Archives: September 2010

iPhone Legend of Zelda Decal

Good news Apple and Zelda fanboys! Laptopstickershop over at Etsy has created an iPhone vinyl sticker decal of the Hyrule Royal Crest with some slight modification to make your fanboy heart melt: The trifroce in the Hyrule Royal Crest is replaced by the Apple logo.

Video Game Nail Art

Some girls wear video game t-shirts to show their video game love. Other girls, are a little more serious about how they show their addiction to video games — they decide to paint their love on their nails. We searched the net for some serious video game nail art and these are our findings in […]

New Final Fantasy XIV: Online Trailer

SquareEnix today released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Online which is launching this September 30th on the Playstation 3 in the US. I wasn’t that excited for the game before but after seeing this new trailer I may have to actually have to do a double take…

Happy Anniversary Mario

Happy Anniversary Mario!

Fluidity and Kirby’s Epic Yarn Trailers

Nintendo recently released a couple of new trailers. The first is for Fluidity, a Nintendo Wii Ware title. The game has you playing as flowing water going through different levels and puzzles. In the trailer you can see that you often change into all 3 different forms of water: ice, cloud, and liquid to get […]

Loaded Pants Podcast Episode 11: Microsoft Goes for the Money

EPISODE 11: Microsoft Goes for the Money Hugo and Wrecktify save the trees while Microsoft tries to get more green from gamers with an XBOX Live price increase and an all new controller. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Feed Download: Episode 11