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NES Styled 8Bit Left 4 Dead

How you would like blasting 8-bit zombies in the face? You’d like that very much wouldn’t you Mr. Crazed Lunatic. And thanks to Eric Ruth Games you can. Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is a retro-fied version of Left 4 Dead made to play like a good-ol NES game. From the glitchy NES graphics to […]

8Bit Metallica Tunes

I love this current trend of taking really iconic songs like Metallica’s Master of Puppets and giving it an 8bit remix.

8bit Music Video: Dot Matrix Revolution by the SUPERBROTHERS

The SUPERBROTHERS have created a series of music videos with animations similar to what you’d find on a Commodore 64. In an interview with 8bit today Craig D. Adam, the founder of SUPERBROTHERS, mentioned that originally his intent was not design in pixel art, but when he “began exploring several methods of image-making … it […]

Super Street Fighter IV 8Bit Mega Man Sprites

In our effort to celebrate the release of Super Street Fighter IV, we searched web-wide for something cool for you to gawk over. We came up these incredible 8bit Mega Man style Super Street Fighter IV characters by SpeedBrkr. They are nothing short of astounding. He even has a neat-o 8bit Street Fighter character select […]

Video Game Visual Quiz: How Many Video Games Can You Identify?

The Tron Legacy page, Arcade Aid, has a very cool visual quiz. Can you identify all 56 of the video game titles in the 8bit challenge? I couldn’t.

8bit Link Pixel Earrings

Hey ladies, drive the boys wild by wearing these pixel Link earrings hand crafted by Etsy user pixelparty. They are made from shrink plastic, sealed with a clear glossy lacquer, and attached to silver tone studs. Measuring a seductive 1/2″ x 5/8″, they’ll have the boys turning heads. Right? Found at Etsy.

Duck Tales 8Bit NES Sprite Magnets

Magnetize your love for the NES game Duck Tales, with these custom 8bit sprite magnets done by Erin Shukait. They are plenty large to boot: Scrooge measures 4 by 5.5 inches and the chest measures 3 inches square. Found at Etsy.