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Paper Goomba from Nintendo 64

Sebastian Zych designed this gorgeous papercraft Goomba from Nintendo 64 and shared the model from all to download and have fun with at the Cut Score Fold and Glue web site. We haven’t tried it ourselves yet (we will!), but you should give it a go and send us pictures to see how handy you […]

Super Mario Bros Sidewalk Animation

The world was recently abuzz about Andreas Heikaus’ video featuring a complete played-through of the original Super Mario Bros game on a sidewalk in a street on Hannover. The end result is something that can only be described as mind-blowing and people all over the net were wondering how did Andreas do it. Well, Andreas […]

Atari Joysticks Limited Edition Print

Joseph from Monster Gallery has illustrated this gorgeous limited-edition artwork of two Atari joysticks. The only downside is that the artwork is only 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″. Fortunately for us the artist has priced it right at $4.20. Found at Etsy.

Super Mario Go – Graffiti Pixel Art on Canvas

Show some love to those lonely walls in your house by proudly displaying your love for the fat Italian plumber, Mario Mario, with this gorgeous one off pixel art painting by ArcadeArt. We are loving the artwork bleeding around the edges of the canvas and how vivid the colors are. Source: ArcadeArt’s Etsy Shop.

Atari Controllers Used as Coat Hangers

My days with an Atari were brief thanks in part to the the day my pubescent hands held a Nintendo controller. Regardless, I was stoked when I saw this set of Atari controllers being used as coat hangers. The product was created by Felipe Morales in 2005 as part of an eco-project. Though you can […]

Super Mario Bros Graffiti Wall Art

We are not entirely sure who created this Super Mario Bros graffiti art, all we do know is that the photo was taken by A Guy Named Aleck from Flickr in Atlanta, GA. Yes, it is gorgeous. Does anyone know the original artist?

Lego Pokemon

Brickshelf Gallery is a gold mine of incredible Lego work. I was a couple of searches in at the site before I ran into a slick gallery of Lego Pokemon — it was as if someone handed me a attractively wrapped gift. All of the Lego Pokemon are in modeled in 3D with a lot […]

Triforce at Game Over 3

If you like Trifoce, you’ll love all four pieces Lawrance Yang is displaying at Game Over III in the Gigant Robot San Francisco gallery. He will be joined by other artists who use game as inspiration for their art. You better hurry though, the Game Over III show closes on April 14.

Pixel Painting NES Era Art

I’m a big fan of video game fan art. Admittedly most of it is terrible, but from time to tome you get something like EvelMash’s Simon Belmont oil on canvas pixel art (pictured above) and get taken aback by the sheer brilliance of the work. And even more impressive than the Simon Belmont piece is […]

Megaman Made Out of Legos

What do you get when you put Megaman and Legos together? A bucketful of awesome that’s what. The creator, Spawn-of-Jack, basically uses a 2D sprite as his base, then tries to match it the best he can as he goes along. He also recommends you buy the pieces from the online Lego store to avoid […]