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The Legend of Zelda 3D First Screenshots

We are as shocked as you are to see these, but Nintendo has released official screen shots of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo 3Ds. No details are known at this time about the game. UPDATE: The game will be a remake of Ocarina of Time. Whoa.

Microsoft Disappoints at E3 2010

I was perhaps the only one of the staff that was genuinely excited about Project Natal, now named Kinect, and the Microsoft press conference in general. I thought Microsoft would not make the same “mistakes” as Nintendo when it came to representing the “hardcore” audience. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with Nintendo’s recent approach […]

Loaded Pants Podcast Episode 9: E3 2010 Day 1 – Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft

EPISODE 9: E3 2010 Day 1: Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft It is Christmas day for us gamers. Hugo and Wrecktify give you the lowdown on the first day of E3. Opinions fly high. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Feed Download: Episode 9

Loaded Pants Podcast Episode 8: Pre-E3 2010 Special Live!

EPISODE 8: Pre-E3 2010 Special Live! Our Pre-E3 2010 special recorded live! Join the crew as we set the bar way high for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Then watch us go crazy for the possibilities of a new Mortal Kombat. Our funnest podcast yet. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Feed Download: Episode 8