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Super Mario Go – Graffiti Pixel Art on Canvas

Show some love to those lonely walls in your house by proudly displaying your love for the fat Italian plumber, Mario Mario, with this gorgeous one off pixel art painting by ArcadeArt. We are loving the artwork bleeding around the edges of the canvas and how vivid the colors are. Source: ArcadeArt’s Etsy Shop.

Be a Mega Man Sneaker Pimp

If you have $115 chillaxin’, PrettySneaky can make you the proud owners of these custom Mega Man Converse Chuck Taylors. I have to say, I’ve seen all sorts of custom Converse, but this is the first time I’ve seen one sporting a hand knit wool Mega Man that was then hand stitched to the shoe. […]

Handmade Mario Mushroom Earrings

Gaming girls (and guys if you are into that sorta thing) have nothing to complain about since we’ve been posting a lot of game-related fashion accessories lately. For example: these handmade pair of Super Mario Brothers Mushroom earrings. One a Super Mushroom. The other, the coveted 1-UP Mushroom. They are both made from polymer clay […]

8bit Link Pixel Earrings

Hey ladies, drive the boys wild by wearing these pixel Link earrings hand crafted by Etsy user pixelparty. They are made from shrink plastic, sealed with a clear glossy lacquer, and attached to silver tone studs. Measuring a seductive 1/2″ x 5/8″, they’ll have the boys turning heads. Right? Found at Etsy.

Pac-Man Ghost Bracelet

I love LittleMommaErin’s video game merchandise. Of her recent work, my favorite was her Pac-Man Ghosts Bracelet. It features four ghost charms, one red, one pink, one blue and an orange. The whole package measures about 8 inches in length. Found at Etsy.

Tetris Cuff Links

Nothing says you are a well dressed man like a good pair of cuff links. And nothing says you are a sharp good looking man like these custom-made Tetris Cuff Links. Found at Etsy.

Super Mario World Top

In a world of overwhelming video game t-shirts, Meanlook’s Super Mario World top is a breath of fresh air. And although the top was made from a new Super Mario World t-shirt with Mario characters print all over, it also features colorful blue and grey striped knit 3/4 sleeves, bottom band, and collar. Found at […]