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iPhone Legend of Zelda Decal

Good news Apple and Zelda fanboys! Laptopstickershop over at Etsy has created an iPhone vinyl sticker decal of the Hyrule Royal Crest with some slight modification to make your fanboy heart melt: The trifroce in the Hyrule Royal Crest is replaced by the Apple logo.

Loaded Pants Podcast – Episode 2: Boomshakalaka!

EPISODE 2: Boomshakalaka! Hugo and Wrecktify talk about the iPhone OS4 Game Center and a plethora of downloadable games, including: NBA Jam Wii, Blur, Splinter Cell Conviction, TMNT Turtles in Time and more. Then head down memory lane as Hugo relives NBA Jam Tournament Edition on the Super Nintendo and along the much-loved Xband. Subscribe: […]

iPhone Gaining Steam

Found a pretty interesting article today on gaming site Seems like Apple’s iPhone is gaining some traction and it has already surpassed Sony’s PSP in software revenue. With Apple’s iPad launch coming soon I expect Nintendo and Sony will both be making announcements in regards to the successors of their current hand-held devices in […]

Zelda Life Meter iPhone/HTC Phone Case

CbSew has a slew of iPod, iPhone, HTC Hero and HTC Eris felt cases. From all the choices our geek mind immediately dashed directly to the iconic Legend of Zelda heart life meter. The black interior felt keeps your precious mp3 player or phone of choice safe from the cruel outside world. Found at Etsy.

iPod and iPhone NES Controller Dock

You like to pretend your iPod or iPhone is a real video game machine, but rest assured it is not. Maybe you can bring some legitimacy to your iPod or iPhone by using this custom-made NES Controller iPod Docking Station by Etsy maven GeekUnique. Thanks to Gianni for the tip.

Street Fighter IV for iPhone/iPod

If I were dead, I’d be turning in my grave. Source: IGN