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Cassini Spacecraft Sees Pac-Man on the Moon

According to the BBC, the Cassini spacecraft measured temperature differences across the Moon’s surface and produced a map that looks just like Pac-Man. You can read the full explanation from NASA on the NASA web site, but it was only a matter of time before Jesus made way for Pac-Man to become the hottest form […]

Build Your Own Pac-Man Ottoman

Jai from Instructables has put together step-by-step instructions on how you can build your very own Pac-Man ottoman (or pouf as he calls it). You’ll need some patience to pull it off, but if you got the chops and the time, creating a homemade Pac-Man ottoman could be a fun weekend project. Found at Instructables.

Pac-Man Ghost Bracelet

I love LittleMommaErin’s video game merchandise. Of her recent work, my favorite was her Pac-Man Ghosts Bracelet. It features four ghost charms, one red, one pink, one blue and an orange. The whole package measures about 8 inches in length. Found at Etsy.

Pac-Man Ghosts Key Covers

One of the great things about the game industry, is that if you can dream of some cool video game schwag, someone out there has too — and actually created it. Enter the Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers available at Sprapya World. There colors are represented: Pink, Orange and Blue in these adorable rubber key cover […]

Beautilicious Pac-Man Cupcakes

Flickr user Hello Naomi is both a computer engineer and cupcake master. She baked these vanilla-flavored cupcakes and decorated them with a Pac-Man theme as a break from her typical repertoire of cupcake designs. Needless to say, they are awesome. See the Hello Naomi’s web site for other past creations including a crazy space invaders […]