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Video Game Nail Art

Some girls wear video game t-shirts to show their video game love. Other girls, are a little more serious about how they show their addiction to video games — they decide to paint their love on their nails. We searched the net for some serious video game nail art and these are our findings in […]

What Pac-Man Ghosts Talk About While Waiting

College Humor kinda sucks, but their latest bit about what Pac-Man Ghosts talk about while waiting is hilarious. View the video here. Thanks okat for the tip.

Build Your Own Pac-Man Ottoman

Jai from Instructables has put together step-by-step instructions on how you can build your very own Pac-Man ottoman (or pouf as he calls it). You’ll need some patience to pull it off, but if you got the chops and the time, creating a homemade Pac-Man ottoman could be a fun weekend project. Found at Instructables.

Beautilicious Pac-Man Cupcakes

Flickr user Hello Naomi is both a computer engineer and cupcake master. She baked these vanilla-flavored cupcakes and decorated them with a Pac-Man theme as a break from her typical repertoire of cupcake designs. Needless to say, they are awesome. See the Hello Naomi’s web site for other past creations including a crazy space invaders […]