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rePlayed: X-Men for the Genesis

X-Men was one of the key Genesis titles that fans of that console had in the arsenal against the Super Nintendo fan boys. If you did not own a Genesis, you had to constantly hear about how good X-Men was. I was lucky enough to own both systems, so I got to play and enjoy […]

Nintendo Family Tree Video Game T-Shirt

The Nintendo Entertainment System gave birth to two beautiful children. One followed on mommie’s footsteps. The other went on to be mobile. The rest as they say, it’s history. Who have you met from the Nintendo Family Tree? Found at Nerdy T-Shirts. Shirt Detail

3D Mega Man 8bit Deathmatch: Will It Break Our Hearts?

The internet is abuzz about the 3D Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch trailer. Cutmanmike has managed to pull off a Doom-style deathmatch game using the Skulltag engine, sprites and art from the 8-bit Mega Man series. And while the fan boy in us is standing up applauding, the realist in us is thinking that the pixel […]

Megaman Made Out of Legos

What do you get when you put Megaman and Legos together? A bucketful of awesome that’s what. The creator, Spawn-of-Jack, basically uses a 2D sprite as his base, then tries to match it the best he can as he goes along. He also recommends you buy the pieces from the online Lego store to avoid […]

rePlayed: Little Nemo The Dream Master for the Nintendo

Released on the NES in 1990 by Capcom, Little Nemo: The Dream Master is a game in which the hero, Little Nemo, must make its way into Nightmare land to rescue Morpheus, the king of Slumberland. The game offers eight levels. In each level you had to collect a certain number of keys in order […]