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2010 EVO Tournament Custom Fighting Game Sticks

If you are a true fighting game fan you were at this year’s EVO competition in Las Vegas. If you were a true HARDCORE fighting game fan, you played at the competition with a custom-designed fighting game stick. Our very own Daniel Lopez was a witness first-hand to the plethora of these deliciously-designed fighting game […]

Street Fighter II Wedding Invitation

If you find a girl that is OK with a wedding invitation based on the Street Fighter II fighter select screen you know you have a winner. We don’t know much about the couple other than their names: Joel and Fio. Regardless a large congratulations is at hand. May gaming be a part of their […]

Street Fighter Salsa Dance Competition

It is not enough to see Koreans adding spice to their lives with a little Salsa competition, but this couple takes it to another level when they combine Salsa dancing and good-ol’ Street Fighter cosplay. Living in Miami we’ve seen our share of incredible salsa dancers, but we’ve never seen anyone perform in a Ryu […]

Super Street Fighter IV US Commercial

Loved the new Super Street Fighter IV commercial to air in the United States, but loved the character models for the “new” fighters even more. Though I love Street Fighter IV’s graphics, I’ve been a vocal opponent of the character models. So, I’m glad to see them tone down the muscle and fat exaggeration on […]

Street Fighter: The Complete History Book

Author Chris Carle takes us through a complete history of the Street Fighter franchise in this 176 page book. Capcom shares original text and interviews with the series developers and animators along with more than 200 pieces of artwork. We hope to provide our own insight on the book as soon as we get our […]

Wannabe Ryu Destroys Real Life Car

Put on your zany goggles cus things are about to get crazy. Watch a real-wannabe Ryu destroy a real-life car ala Street Fighter II the World Warrior. Flying elbows and glass punching are guaranteed. PLUS bonus third video that will blow your mind. Ryu Wannabe Real Car Real Ryu Wannabe Car Bonus Video: Wannabe Ken […]

Street Fighter IV for iPhone/iPod

If I were dead, I’d be turning in my grave. Source: IGN

Street Fighter Action Keychains

These are no ordinary keychains. Available for 7 different characters (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Akuma, Sagat, Guile), the Street Fighter Action Keychains re-create the standard punch and kick sounds from Street Fighter IV as well as each character’s special attacks based on joystick and button presses. So, say you decide to pick up the Ryu […]