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Game Over (Super Mario Bros Remix) Rap

I’m loving this rap by Levar Allen called Game Over (Super Mario Bros. Remix) featuring Super Mario Bros beats and massive Super Mario Bros references in the lyrics. Watch the video on YouTube or download the song completely free.

Super Mario Go – Graffiti Pixel Art on Canvas

Show some love to those lonely walls in your house by proudly displaying your love for the fat Italian plumber, Mario Mario, with this gorgeous one off pixel art painting by ArcadeArt. We are loving the artwork bleeding around the edges of the canvas and how vivid the colors are. Source: ArcadeArt’s Etsy Shop.

If Mario Was Designed in 2010

Zack Hiwiller, a game designer from PA, has given us a glimpse of how Super Mario Bros. would have been if it were created in the year 2010. Check out the full game here: If Mario Was Designed in 2010

Super Mario Bros Graffiti Wall Art

We are not entirely sure who created this Super Mario Bros graffiti art, all we do know is that the photo was taken by A Guy Named Aleck from Flickr in Atlanta, GA. Yes, it is gorgeous. Does anyone know the original artist?

Handmade Mario Mushroom Earrings

Gaming girls (and guys if you are into that sorta thing) have nothing to complain about since we’ve been posting a lot of game-related fashion accessories lately. For example: these handmade pair of Super Mario Brothers Mushroom earrings. One a Super Mushroom. The other, the coveted 1-UP Mushroom. They are both made from polymer clay […]

Mario’s Boo Bento

Though My Meal Box posted their Boo Bento during Halloween of last year, a good video game themed Bento transcends time and space. I just wonder if it tastes as good as it looks. See how the artist (we could call them that right?) goes from taking everyday food items into a beautiful game scene […]

Starman Cookies

We are not cookie fans by any means, but for some reason Ana Fuji made us salivate at this dish filled with adorable starman cookies. WA-HOO!!

It’s A Me, Mario Mouse!

Ever wonder what Mickey Mouse did when he heard Mario was more popular than him? He donned Mario clothes and called it a day. That’s not the real story, but that’s the thought we had when we first saw Akashi, a sculpture by Dave Bondi where he dreamed up what would happen if these two […]

Custom Koopa Troopa Guitar

Reddit user SpatulaMaster has created what is likely to be the baddest guitar you’ll ever see — a Koopa Troopa electric guitar. Sure, anyone can do a Mario guitar, but we love it when people use the more obscure characters from a popular video game — it makes the video game geekery more genuine. Kudos […]

Piranha Plant 8bit Sprite Planted For Realz

Diego Sanz took an 8bit character sprite of Piranha Plant and turned it into an almost surreal real-life version of the recurring Super Mario Bros character by printing it out and planting it in a pot.