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Custom Super Nintendo With a Zelda Theme

Kotomi custom-makes lots of hardware. Most of his stuff is terrific, but as a Zelda fanatic, his custom Super Nintendo themed around a Link to the Past tugged at my heart strings. Take a look at the Master Sword detail on the eject button.

rePlayed: NBA Jam Tournament Edition for the Super Nintendo

NBA Jam Tournament Edition is the sequel to the original NBA Jam. The game had an updated roster and many hidden characters — a staple of the NBA Jam franchise. Additionally, Tournament Edition included additional SuperJam power-ups, more detailed player attributes, player substitutions after each quarter, injuries and a new soundtrack. It was overall an […]

Custom Nintendo and Super Nintendo USB Hard Drives

Let your geek flag fly high with 8bitMemory’s vintage USB hard drives using original re-purposed Nintendo and Super Nintendo cartridges. Each hard drive is priced differently based on the game and also on the amount of storage desired, but most of the prices posted on the 8BitMemory’s Etsy store are for 500GB variants. As for […]

Super Nintendo Controller Eyeglass Felt Case

Etsy user patola has created a soft felt case for average-sized eyeglasses or sunglasses in the form of a Super Nintendo controller. The A,B,X,Y buttons are actual buttons (nice touch) and the frontal features are hand-sewn. The sides of the eyeglass case are machine-sewn to keep it all tightly together. There are multiple version of […]