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Animal Crossing Pitfall and Fossil Plushies

YaYaLuvsCupcakes is one hell-of-a-mom; she recently designed and created these pitfall and fossil plushies for her son who happens to be an Animal Crossing freaky-freak. Tom Nook approves. Found at Albotas

Custom Battletoads Action Figures

G Brand from Figure Realm took different WWE action figures as a base then sculpted the rest to arrive at this incredibly detailed set of Battletoads action figures Zits – made from a WWE Kylun action figure. Rash – made from WWE upper body and arms. Legs are from an old New Adventures of He-man […]

Professor Layton Figurine

That inquisitive Professor Layton from the popular Professor Layton game series now has a gorgeous 4.92in figurine. The figurine can be placed in a variety of poses, including his trademark “I’m solving a puzzle fools” look, thanks to the 12 revolver joints included. It is the least you could expect from manufacturer Kaiyodo. Get yours […]

Street Fighter Action Keychains

These are no ordinary keychains. Available for 7 different characters (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Akuma, Sagat, Guile), the Street Fighter Action Keychains re-create the standard punch and kick sounds from Street Fighter IV as well as each character’s special attacks based on joystick and button presses. So, say you decide to pick up the Ryu […]