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Loaded Pants Episode #2: Sony’s Playstation Network Outage, Binary Domain, Guardian Heroes HD

Loaded Pants Video Podcast Episode #2 – Join us as we cover the latest news on the Playstation Network outage, Next Generation Xbox Rumors, and some new trailers of Sega’s Binary Domain and Sonic Generations. Also screenshots of Sega’s Guardian Heroes HD for Xbox Live and Nintendo’s new “Select” Lineup and Mario Kart Nintendo Wii […]

Super Mario Bros Sidewalk Animation

The world was recently abuzz about Andreas Heikaus’ video featuring a complete played-through of the original Super Mario Bros game on a sidewalk in a street on Hannover. The end result is something that can only be described as mind-blowing and people all over the net were wondering how did Andreas do it. Well, Andreas […]

Paper Megaman Stop Motion Video

Nicolas Ménard created this stop motion Megaman 9 video for his multimedia course. Nicolas craftfully integrates a paper Megaman in a level made up of real physical items. See the video at YouTube.

Tetris Piece Goes Wild in Public

Just recently stumbled upon this classic clip by Mega64 of a giant walking Tetris piece. It brought back many memories of being young and reckless. Video Below:

Lost Woods Theme Played with an Ocarina

Every time I hear a Zelda song, chills spring down my grown man’s body. This happened without fail when I watched this video in which Heather plays Saria’s Song (Lost Woods) from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Played on an STL Ocarina. See Heather play other Zelda songs in her YouTube feed.