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Videos of Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Demo at Macy’s

On his journey to exchange a broken iPhone 4, our fearless editor Wrecktify stumbled upon a Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Demo at the Dadeland Macy’s in Miami Florida. He shot a couple of videos of the Kinect in action and it showed total fail with a lot of lag. We are attributing this mishap to […]

Pet Peeve: In-disc DLC

Sorry gamer, but your content is in another castle. Pay $5 to unlock. Nothing irks me more than video game developers and publishers who nickle and dime their fans. Sure, downloadable content (DLC for short) can be beneficial in extending the life of a game, but when developers purposely lock away content in a disc, […]

Loaded Pants Podcast Episode 5: Delayed

EPISODE 5: Delayed We chat about the Playstation 3 3D support, firmware update, Capcom DRM woes, Monster Hunter Tri, SSFIV, and game delays. Then we get anxious to play SSFIV. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Feed Download: Episode 5

Updated: Super Street Fighter IV Editor Beatdown

We are broadcasting live our first Super Street Fighter IV Editor Beatdown tonight at around 11:30PM EST. Place your bets. Support your favorite (me right?). And just join in on the fun. Participating: Wrecktify, Daniel Lopez, and Hugo Seijas. To leave comments and participate, visit the show’s page on UStream. UPDATE: Due to an emergency, […]

Achievement Locked Underwear

We know that contrary to popular belief us video game geeks know how to swoon the ladies. Though this Split Reason Achievement Locked underwear might say the contrary, it goes to show what a good sense of humor we have about the topic. Get your lady a pair at Split Reason Gratuitous camel toe image […]

Achievement Unlocked T-Shirt

Splitreason split our sides with this Achievement Unlocked: Left the House T-Shirt. Pre-shrunk and 100% cotton. Shirt Detail

Final Fantasy 13 Quick Thoughts

It’s been a couple of weeks since I first got immersed into the world of Final Fantasy XIII for my Xbox 360 and it’s time for me to give you my 2 cents (I’m not exactly done with the game, but I’m pretty close.). Let’s start out with what I think caught my attention the […]

Xbox 360 Controller Cupcake

Clever Cupcakes bestows our geeky hearts with a small, yet surprisingly detailed, Xbox 360 controller cupcake topping made out of fondant. We got a knack for the sweet and edible, so we hope that this vanilla-flavored cupcake, frosted with vanilla buttercream, tastes as good as it looks.

Final Fantasy 13 Original Soundtrack

It is time to celebrate the release of yet another Final Fantasy game. And there is no better way to do so than spend countless hours listening to some of the most amazing orchestrated soundtracks you’ll ever hear in the Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack. This soundtrack was composed by Masashi Hamauzu, the composer for […]